Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Does my bum" - kicks ass!

Does my bum look big in this? TM kicks ass ...

My new song which I recorded as a dance number kicks ass as an acoustic number too! It totally gets the audience involved, laughing smiling and feeling part of something -

Live Performances:

I'm getting back into the swing of public performance and communicating on stage or in front of a crowd.

Pre Halloween Gigs

CEOL BAR Smith St, Brooklyn

My friend Niall has been running an open mic plus invited feature guest at Ceol in Brooklyn.

I returned there and had a magnificent Burger and fries to keep my hunger at bay.

I performed the following songs:

  1. Price of the Medicine
  2. Legends
  3. Does my bum look big in this? TM
#3 Is a magnificent crowd pleaser and incidentally got picked up at SPONY pitch a thon the following evening - by perseverance.

I played on Tuesday at the opening of a new art space in Bushwick with my pal Roy and a cool Denmark Dobro player... rock and folk -

  1. The Unemployment Blues
  2. Bailout
  3. Does my bum look big in this? TM
Next Week I'll be bringing news from the TAXI Road Rally

Friday, October 22, 2010

Performing, Full Moons and Change

I felt under a cloud for most of this week - I have recently been let go from a full time job that I held for up to near 6 years. So I realized yesterday that I was going through the stages of letting go of that job and had felt a little depressed ( Cmon John !)... ok I was feeling terrible and under achieving and ok, I was feeling like a loser - at least sort of. There was another healthier self somewhere inside in dialogue with me but for the moment the wound-licker was winning.

At some point once it dawned on me that I had let go of something for the most part involuntarily that was a stable presence in my life for many years and now here I was an unemployed/self-employed/full time musician what-have-you. As my Irish granny figure might have said - no one died.

I do hope this new situation is an opportunity to go out into the world in New York and elsewhere and play to more people and try out different things - be an entrepreneur, be a songwriter full time bring all the talents to bear on this new place I am exploring.

So this past week, without hardly seeking them out I played in 3 different venues -

Duplex 7 pm Tuesday Evening
Greenwich Village
Songwriter - 'Invite in the round' format
I was feeling nervous and though I am always improving my preparedness was queasy and nervous before I got to the venue.
Songs: Does my bum look big in this ( Guitar) and Sun is here ( World Premiere) on Piano

later the same evening ...

Cafe Cielo
My voice coach Sally Morgan invited me to her show/open mic night on Tuesday
Had some nice food (Chicken with thyme and yummy scalloped potatoes) and then got up to sing a few songs - really enjoyable and we all got into it!

Performed 3 tunes:
  1. Bum looks big ( Awesome direct crowd sing-along)
  2. Legends ( ( attentive Listening)
  3. Nowhere without you (Dedicated to AC my co-writer on the tune)

Path Cafe 8 pm Thursday
The Path Cafe is now running an open mic and other shows under the steady hand of Niall Connolly, a fantastic gent from Ireland -
I played Why are the Honey Bee's dying?, Big-Bum and finally sang The Unemployment Blue's in honor of my unemployment epiphany earlier in the same day.

Emotionally it definitely felt good to be getting out of the house and into humanity's bosom to sing the song of my soul; where I met some other cool artistes who were sharing the stage the same evening.

The path cafe's owner was David from Co. Meath and very welcoming and friendly, I had a nice smooth glass of Pinot Noir and another Irish man from the same County as the owner arrived to perform on the last leg of his tour - Simon Fagan.

Finally the Full Moon - after I left the Path Cafe I walked along Christoper Street and briefly stood inside a church to hear a singer play some music and found that the living legend Pete Seeger is playing on Saturday at 4 pm ... nice ! He played with Woody Gutherie and Bob Dylan back in the day and I have loved that protest folk movement - I'd love an anointing from the banjo folk singing King!

Hail to the Seeger!

PS No still nothing written about the full moon or new moon perhaps ... Ok so, later-later leaving out the recycling to the kerb, I looked up and saw the moon bright in the sky above me - hmmm maybe she was playing my emotional tides again ...?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy, Busy

I don't have the Unemployment Blues -

Sometimes they say life imitates Art - well maybe it does ... and maybe it does n't.

Last month I was 1099'd and now am self-employed; so far so good when I can roll with it and get work... To keep busy and some income to pay the bills I'm developing websites The latest and greatest has been for my friend and artist/musician/producer extraordinaire Peter Litvin - he's the clown dude! Anyway check it out on

I wrote the Unemployment Blues (ASCAP Award Winner) with C. when she was made redundant, let go or whatever transition it was ... and we wrote 'on the sofa like a slob' ... it ain't so; I seem to be busier than ever networking musically and business wise. - Man they are the dudes with the IT know how - yessir - check them out!

So recently I have been in the studio recording

  • Price of the medicine
  • Happy Christmas
  • Don't want to mess up
  • Legends
Today I have been working on a quasi comic pseudo sorta dance track - whaat!

Where are all the short titles -? Don't worry they are all awesome songs - seriously catchy and all very different - I'm nothing if not versatile and varied - don't want to get bored that's what.

I finally got a piano - a little Wurlitzer Spinette which needs a little more attention but is getting me back into the piano groove for sure.

Still writing of course, this is like a catch up Blog for all the things I have been at -


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