Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Can't stand the madness of them all - yearly roundup in pictures - Angels Tears

Today is a new day,  is that what they say?

I am always a little pensive and melancholic at the turn of the calendar. I certainly feel the brevity.  As I sit here I consider with thanks the great people I met because of my journeys over the last year. I had the fun opportunity to play music in Antigua, Ireland and New York. I also made and released some great videos like Legends , Happy Christmas and my album HELLO WORLD. It has been great making 'stuff' happen and having what we Irish call 'the craic' on the peripatetic musical perambulations.

2014 Shows

Brooklyn Museum Show
Exhibition: WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath
Friday, January 10, 2014 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm
Show will be part of 

Louie Palu (Canadian, b. 1968). U.S. Marine Gysgt. Carlos "OJ" Orjuela, age 31, Garmsir District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan, from Project: Home Front, 2008. Inkjet print, artist's proof, 21½ x 14¼ in. (54.6 x 36.2 cm). The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, gift of Joan Morgenstern. © Photographer Louie Palu

Show February 8th 2014
opening act for Pat Wictor on Sat Feb 8 at 8 p.m. at Prospect Range.
1226 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Christmas Song by John Munnelly


Happy Christmas Song PLEASE share this video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyxfyzVEo70  before Christmas thnx!!

Happy Christmas by John Munnelly is an Original 'Future Classic' from the album "Together for Christmas" A Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection from Cosmic Trigger Records. Available on TogetherForChristmas.com

ALBUM: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/together-for-christmas-contemporary/id771099561

Happy Christmas gets to the pure heart soul and spirit of the story of the birth of Jesus. communicating the real meaning of Christmas in this song and video.

This has been a labor of love in the best sense of the world. Created using stop motion and video. Please support this song and my art, as a full time artist this is my gift to you and the universe  - http://johnmunnellymusic.com/christmas-appeal-for-your-support/

Special thanks to Linda Moniz for help on this production - construction of the manger for the baby Jesus, helping create the desert scenery and the garden construction. She also arranged the arbor vitae, decorations & lights and dressed the piano set and did PA for lighting and animations - wow!  I did a but meself too;) but here we are It's been a LOT of work and hope you like the song and the video - more about John Munnelly here http://johnmunnellymusic.com

Thanks to Anita Daly & Jim Leavitt of Cosmic Trigger for being on this amazing record - reviews here http://laughjohnlaugh.com/2013/01/together-for-christmas-reviews.html

Thanks to Peter Litvin for Song Production on original recording

All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) John Munnelly ASCAP and LaughJohnLaugh Music ASCAP

LYRICS to "Happy Christmas" by John Munnelly

Happy Christmas ( Together for Christmas )

Ding dong the bells on a Christmas morn
The heaven's opened and Christ the lord was born
in the darkness on a bed of straw
lies a baby that the shepherds saw

No place, to rest her infant’s head
the mother Mary, this humble shed
the star foretold it, the angels 'gan to sing
Hallelujah let the earth rejoice and sing

Hallelujah, hallelujah the boy child is a king
Happy Christmas - baby
Merry Christmas - baby
Happy Christmas - peace on earth

Happy Christmas Happy Christmas
Joy to all & peace on earth
Happy Christmas Happy Christmas
Goodwill to all & peace on earth

Three kings, bearing treasures for this child’s
birth, death resurrection, his 30 years of life
in the darkness, into our world of pain
came a little boy Jesus was his name

Joseph get up, think of the safety of this child
go on to Egypt; hide, until King Herod dies
later in the garden he'll offer up his will
father forgive...father forgive...*2

Happy Christmas - baby
Merry Christmas - baby
Happy Christmas - peace on earth
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas

Joy to all & peace on earth
Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas

Goodwill to all & peace on earth
(c) 2012  Copyright Author of Lyrics and Music John Munnelly

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Cheer appearances and shows of all sorts -

Howreyese as they say in Duuublinn ...

It's beginning to look look a lot like Christmas ...

11/19/2013    The Cel IAWA Salon New York City (New Song Showcase) 7:30p
11/24/2013    Our Lady of Refuge Church  Brooklyn 'Hallelujah' on Piano  4:00p
12/10/2013    Congregational Home, Church Ave, Seniors Service 11am
12/14/3013    773 Bar Brooklyn John Munnelly SOLO & Guests 9:00p
12/14/3013    Prospect Range Brooklyn (With Silent Note) 8:00p
12/16/2013    'Concern' The Celtic Christmas Collection Arlene's Grocery 6 pm
Munnelly & Glen Hansard in Blessings Bar Cavan Town while on Tour... I tag this picture The Refugee & The Builder

Of course I'm supposed to tell y'all about the stuff I did in Ireland on tour and how it changed me ( it did change my viewpoint and energy)  so will def write later - still catching up... here is me and Hansard in the Kultural Kapital of ireland - it's Kavan don't you know!! The builder and the Refugee in Blessings Bar in Cavan town.

Please support my art and get someone a cool present

I have the "HELLO WORLD" TOUR T-SHIRTS out now: A future classic - get your order in now for Christmas Delivery.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Irish Tour - Hello World is ON! John Munnelly in Cavan Dublin Galway and with Would Be's in Cork/Limerick/Dundalk

LATEST on the road NewsLetter is HERE
DATE:  Event  Name  Venue  City
10/23/2013 Song Room The Globe Bar Dublin 8pm
10/24/2013 Cafe Sessions Chapter One Cavan 7pm
10/25/2013 Zephyr Sessions The Pint Dublin 8pm
10/28/2013 Song Cycle Whelan’s Dublin 8pm
10/29/2013 Crane Lane Cork (Would Be’s Support)late night 10:30pm
10/30/2013  Cobblestone Joe’s Limerick (Would Be’s Support)
10/31/2013 Backstage Monroe’s Galway 10 pm
New Dates added*
11/1/2013 Campbell’s Tavern, Headford, Galway 10 pm

Appearances in November
11/6/ Dublin Underground Beat DUB The International bar (basement) – appearance time slot TBD
11/6 Zodiac Sessions, Bruxelles time slot TBD
** 11/7 Dundalk, Spirit Store support to Would Be's ( **new date)

NEW VIDEO of We Should Go Blind! track 1 from the album

Itunes - get Hello World by John Munnelly

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ceol Show 9th October CEOL is the Irish word for music - Lara Ewen and John Munnelly Feature

CEOL is the Irish word for music -

Ceol Bar 191 Smith Street Brooklyn

John Munnelly 7:45 pm
Lara Ewen 9:15 pm 

CEOL is the Irish word for music and that's exactly what you will find any Wednesday night at the Song Club in Ceol Bar, 191 Smith Street, Brooklyn. A folksy and intimate bar room transports us back to the mid century Ireland but populated with the talented songsters from the Borough and beyond. This Wednesday’s two headed musical awesomeness is Lara Ewen and John Munnelly as features of the night.

The well known performer the genial and chirpy Niall Connolly is the MC host; plays a few songs of his own and cracks a pun or two to keep things apace.

John Munnelly:

John is an International ASCAP Award winning songwriter for social commentary described as Dylanesque and compared to Neil Young and Johnny Flynn. He was recently featured ‘live’ on WFUV radio Show “Ceol na nGael” He is a singer of songs so diverse and different that we are lucky it’s just a feature set so he may get pinned down into the singer-songwriter genre and therefore we can take a good listen to him. Along with his usual fan favorites he is playing some tracks never-before-heard-live from his just released album HELLO WORLD as preparation for his upcoming Irish Tour. He is well known for his comedy dance anthem & video “Does my bum look big in this? Recommended.

YouTube: youtube.com/laughjohnlaugh
Twitter: @laughjohnlaugh
Itunes: http://bit.ly/1bT4TmO

Lara Ewen

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Lara Ewen tells stories, most of which are true. The semi-autobiographical nature of her work blends both the real and the imagined, and the musical landscape she navigates dips into country, Americana, and singer/songwriter influences, drawing comparisons to musicians who sometimes get summarily lumped into the folk category, such as Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams and Jonatha Brooke. Her new album, The Wishing Stone Songs, was just released in September 2013, and is available everywhere.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cavan born Singer-Songwriter John Munnelly returns to his roots for an Irish Tour beginning in Dublin

Cavan born Singer-Songwriter John Munnelly returns to his roots for
an Irish Tour beginning in Dublin on October 23rd.

John Munnelly a professional songwriter, musician, actor and video maker based in Brooklyn, NYC returns home for a tour of Ireland to promote his album Hello World.

Singer Songwriter John Munnelly hails from Cavan town, the home seemingly of everything music these days. Yes, another muso from Cavan. He can't help it - it's a musical place.  John Munnelly has been described as having touches of Bob Dylan and Neil Young; his songs described as "The Voice of The Everyman."
DAYDATE:Event NameVenueCityAddress
Wednesday10/23/2013Song Room The Globe BarDublin The Globe Bar, 11 South Great Georges St, Dublin 2
Thursday10/24/2013The Cafe SessionsChapter OneCavanChapter One, Main Street Cavan
Friday10/25/2013Zephyr SessionsThe PintDublin The Pint, 28 Eden Quay, Dublin 1 Dublin
Monday10/28/2013Song CycleWhelan'sDublinWhelan's, Wexford Street, Dublin 2
Tuesday 10/29/2013Would Be's SupportCrane LaneCorkCrane lane Cork Support to "Would Be's"
Wednesday10/30/2013Would Be's SupportCobblestone Joe'sLimerickCobblestone Joe's
Thursday10/31/2013BackstageMonroe's GalwayMonroe's Backstage


Nov 1 thru 7th Dublin AppearancesVarious TBC

Zodiac SessionsBruxelles BarDublin Bruxelles Bar
Battle of AxeHa’ penny Bridge InnDublin Ha’ penny Bridge Inn Wellington Quay Temple Bar

John’s talent for telling the story of the common man has not gone unnoticed. He’s an award winning songwriter with the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers) Jay Gorney award for a “Song With a Social Conscience” called The Unemployment Blues. A song on the current album called ‘Cubicle’ chronicles the struggle of the office dweller who desperately wants to free himself into the world of Art. He is well known for his quirky and fun music videos especially on the LaughJohnLaugh project - ‘Does My Bum Look Big in This?

John Munnelly's latest cd is called HELLO WORLD.  Sphere Music describes it as a “flawless production of melodic pop rock in the vein of The Cranberries, Lifehouse and The Proclaimers. The Song ‘Legends’ is a wonderful pop song of the times... makes one believe in the transforming power of alternative ballads again."

John begins his two week Tour of Ireland on October 23rd with dates starting in Dublin at the Globe bar and continuing onto Cavan, Cork & Galway with more dates being added. Check Tour CALENDAR for updates: http://johnmunnellymusic.com/john-munnelly-shows/

Legends - VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf5QedtNi5w&feature=youtu.be
HELLO WORLD on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/john-munnelly/id570197404
Tour Calendar http://johnmunnellymusic.com/john-munnelly-shows/
WEB: JohnMunnellyMusic.com
Twitter: @laughjohnlaugh

Monday, September 23, 2013


Irish Tour - HELLO WORLD or Dublin ...More dates are defiantly ( er definitely John The Ed..) added

When asked to do a new PR and Bio for John Munnelly I asked “why should I? find someone else” I said. “I’m already organizing a million shows in Ireland for the tour.” Where will I get the time?
“ Ah feck it so I’ll just have to go and do it myself. Sure these guys must get a load of these on their desks everyday and how will we break through the static to just tell them ...”

Tell them wha! ...

Tell them... about me new record ‘Hello World” and me World tour of Ireland thats what! - me world tour that looked like it was one pub in Dublin for juan appearance of five minutes but thankfully there have been a few more dates added to take the bare look off of the paper at least.

What else then ? The record is out - so here I’m thinking the reader will be saying “everyone has a record out even my granny had made a record., Why did you release a record? Well its quality record, three years to make, amazing songs, award winning songwriter, from Cavan home of mad music bloom produces another son full of vigour and rock. I once achieved Hot press recognition ‘ The Grlosch Hot Press award” back in the day for a song called Treasure - thats kind of Irish related too?

Why don't you write an ordinary PR jobbie ? Well cause its got about as much interest for the reader as a wet newspaper dropped on dame street as you wait for the bus to Harolds Cross in the rain. Thanks all the same. Well this is n’t very professional arguing with yourself on google docs is it? Ok well lets try the standard approach too then ...

Ok well here goes then the basic info -

John Munnelly the prolific and multi talented and versatile songwriter, artist, actor finally ships his debut album “Hello World”. The artist well known for his hilarious sense of humor in previous work for Does My Bum Look Big when he went by stage name of LaughJohnLaugh returns to his own name and indie roots for this album. John is living in Brooklyn and hails from Cavan town, the home recently seemingly of everything music these days the fleadh ceol, the Strypes etc.

Johns work has been compared to Neil Young and Bob Dylan as ‘the voice of the people’ and given an imprimatur by the Association of Authors and Publishers ASCAP in New York USA where he now lives for his Social Justice Commentary song “The Unemployment Blues” which won the prestigious Jay Gorney Award named of the writer of Brother Can you Spare a Dime.

John is on his World Tour of Ireland with dates starting October 23d in Dublin Globe bar and continuing for two weeks in other Dublin venues, Cork Galway and Cavan with more dates to be added. The Tour is to promote his new record out on itunes, amazon and elsewhere.

Album Review Link:
Sounds like: Melodic pop rock in the vein of The Cranberries, Lifehouse and The Proclaimers.

“Legends ... is about finding that greatness in ourselves... It is a wonderful pop song of the times... makes one believe in the transforming power of alternative ballads again.

Sort of About Me

I am a songwriter living in Brooklyn NYC - I can write a song about anything: Positive Uplifting Messages Spiritual/Hymns Social Commentary POP/Rock - Kids Songs Celebratory/Seasonal Personal/Relationship Work/Employment New Styles Poems set to music Celtic (open tuning) PIANO SONGS